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5: The Mentoring Cycle – Moving on Down the Road

Hello friends!  We trust that you have been thinking about potential mentors.  You may be reluctant to ask someone to be your mentor because you don’t know what being mentored entails.  Last April NENA presented a free webinar during National Public Safety Telecommunicator’s Week on Mentoring.  This webinar was prepared by Jennifer Kirkland and Kim […]

4: Finding a Mentor – Developing a Road Map

Welcome friends!  We hope you have taken some time this week to think about manifesting growth.  Working through your supervisor to obtain development opportunity is not the only path to your destination.  There are many routes and the next one we’ll explore is Finding a Mentor. So, what is a mentor anyway?   Webster’s defines a […]

3: Manifesting Growth – Driving Your Own Bus

Hi there friends!  Welcome to the Arizona APCO-NENA weekly guide-post where we talk about the amazing journey that some call work or job, or career or calling.  If this is your first time here, you are welcome to go back through prior post to get up to speed.   Today we are talking about “Driving Your […]

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