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2: Engage – Bloom Where You Are Planted

Welcome back Arizona APCO-NENA friends! We are so glad you checked back in with us!  If this is your first time, we are so glad to see you. You are a proud Public Safety Communications professional who has dedicated some years to your agency and still have a ways to go in your journey.  You […]

Introduction to “The Journey”

Hello Arizona APCO/NENA! We are so glad you stopped by to see us.  If you are like us, you LOVE doing the job of a Telecommunicator, 911 Operator or Dispatcher.  Do you ever think of your job as a career?   What does that word mean even, career?   https://www.merriam-webster.com defines career as “a profession for which […]

Seeking Individuals who are savvy with Policy

Our Chapter’s By-Laws and policies are in need of a review.  The By-Laws requires a committee for reviewing the policies and I could use some input from those who have mad skills when it comes to policy revision.  There are only 6 policies so it won’t be a huge commitment and I don’t anticipate any […]

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