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Spring Picnic – 1 week from Today!

Did you know that the Arizona APCO/NENA Chapter hosts a Spring Picnic every year in conjunction with their regularly scheduled quarterly membership meeting? Did you also know that everyone involved in Public Safety Communications, regardless of membership in the chapter, is welcome to attend (friends and family are welcome too!). The Spring Picnic is a […]

Public Safety Telecommunicators should be classified as First Responders

Reclassifying the public safety telecommunicator to the same category as other first responder has been nothing but an uphill battle for our industry. Leading the fight is APCO who has tried multiple times to bring it up to such standard. Getting up, getting ready, and heading to work is the typical routine for those heading […]

Stress at Work for 911 Dispatch: 4 Ways to Improve Your Work Area

We all know by now that stress can be a huge issue for those in 911 dispatch. But, what if you could eliminate some stress with a few helpful suggestions, would you? Well, what about something as simple as improving your work area? Yes, the place where you spend a significant amount of time at […]

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