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wpe1.jpg (27350 bytes)

Motorola under dash mobile

wpe4.jpg (20365 bytes)

Aerotron 600 table top VHF base station
.  Manufactured by Aerotron Aeronautical Electronics in Raleigh, NC.
Donated by Jackie Erickson, a Radio Club of America member from New Mexico.
wpe7.jpg (18770 bytes)

RCA Tac Tec under dash mobile.  Used by City of Phoenix in late 1980's.  Donated by Sid Cohen of AirComm.

wpeA.jpg (18414 bytes)

Aerotron 600 mobile control unit.

wpeC.jpg (16401 bytes) wpeE.jpg (16922 bytes) wpe11.jpg (22779 bytes) wpe14.jpg (17746 bytes)

Motorola Police Cruiser
.  This was Motorola's first entry radio into Police communications and was manufactured by Galvin Corporation in the 1930's.  It was a receiver only operating on two channels above the radio broadcast band.  Police dispatchers transmitted to the Police Cruiser and the Police had to go to a telephone call box to respond to the dispatcher. 

This unit was found by Max Grigg at the Ft. Tuthill hamfest.

Motorola FMT-30D Transmitter.
  It operated in the Low Band spectrum and there was an associated receiver the same size.  It was manufactured by the Galvin Corporation in the early 1950's.
wpe18.jpg (5015 bytes)

GE Master II Mobile

wpe1C.jpg (19342 bytes)

Western Union Telegraph set used in Arizona on Railroad system in early 1900's.

Donated by
Scott Tillman

wpe22.jpg (17719 bytes)

Western Union Telegraph Sounder used in Arizona on Railroad system in early 1900's.

Donated by
Scott Tillman.

wpe24.jpg (20685 bytes)

Motorola PT400 Pack Set.

Used/donated by
ASU Police Dept.

wpe26.jpg (21435 bytes)

Motorola H23AAC-1001AH Pack Set.

Donated by
Rick Tannehill.

wpe28.jpg (20629 bytes)

Motorola Pack Set.

wpe2A.jpg (19999 bytes)

GE Porta-Mobile I.

wpe2C.jpg (20707 bytes)

Motorola Pack Set (used tubes)

wpe2E.jpg (114356 bytes)

Two RCA Tac Tec Portables

wpe30.jpg (21237 bytes)

GE Tiny Talky. UHF separate Transmitter and Receiver

wpe33.jpg (19666 bytes)

Johnson Messenger, 1 channel LB CB, mfg 1965

wpe35.jpg (19333 bytes)

GE Pocket Receiver, early 1950 paging receiver

wpe37.jpg (14861 bytes)

GE Pocket Mate, 1970's "Personal Portable", used by Tempe undercover cops

wpe3A.jpg (17009 bytes)

Motorola Expo, Personal Portable

wpe3C.jpg (15206 bytes)

Fanon Courier, 6 channel VHF Pocket Scanner

wpe3E.jpg (16156 bytes)

Motorola Visar,
UHF Personal Portable

wpe41.jpg (16373 bytes)

Motorola MT1000, Personal Portable, without battery



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wpe49.jpg (17979 bytes)

Motorola Dimension IV Pager

wpe43.jpg (16465 bytes)

Motorola Pageboy Pager

wpe45.jpg (17805 bytes)

Motorola Director, VHF Pager

wpe47.jpg (17276 bytes)

Motorola BPR2000 Pager

wpe4B.jpg (16400 bytes)

Motorola Metrx Pager

wpe4D.jpg (17761 bytes)

Motorola Optrx Pager

wpe4F.jpg (16045 bytes)

Motorola Envoy Pager

wpe51.jpg (20812 bytes)

GE PC05, UHF Pager

wpe53.jpg (19991 bytes)

GE PV06, VHF Pager

wpe55.jpg (18640 bytes)

Motorola Pageboy II

wpe57.jpg (16106 bytes)

Motorola Pageboy III Pager

wpe59.jpg (23726 bytes)

Motorola Spirit Pagers

wpe5B.jpg (20980 bytes)

Motorola Pagecom Pager

wpe5D.jpg (17313 bytes)

Motorola Director II Pager

wpe5F.jpg (20235 bytes)

Motorola Minitor Pager. Used by Phoenix Fire Dept 1980's.

wpe61.jpg (16711 bytes)

Florac manual tuned 42Mhz Pager. 1950-1960 era

wpe63.jpg (17451 bytes)

RCA, VHF Pager

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