2: Engage – Bloom Where You Are Planted

Welcome back Arizona APCO-NENA friends!

We are so glad you checked back in with us!  If this is your first time, we are so glad to see you.

You are a proud Public Safety Communications professional who has dedicated some years to your agency and still have a ways to go in your journey.  You  may be asking “Where do I go from here?”

Your schedule works well for your family and personal commitments, so you are not really interested in promoting right now, but you are kind of bored.  You have tried training, but found it was hard sitting second chair.  Or, if your agency is like most, training was non-stop for months on end.  You were afraid of burnout or losing your own skills.  You saw a training announcement a few months ago that looked interesting, but the lack of staffing and funding for training makes it next to impossible to get to go to special training.  So, what do you do?

Stop for a second, look around you and ask yourself “What needs doing?”  If your center is like most, there are lots of small things that you can do that will make an impact. Bloom where you are planted; engage and invest in people, places and process.  Simple things like being nice to new people, complimenting a peer, helping a co-worker with a task or cleaning and organizing shared spaces will make a big difference to others.   If you are adventurous, you may even consider larger things like offering to update reference materials, training materials or policies that are out of alignment with process.

You may be reluctant, but what keeps you from engaging?   In some centers, engaging in this way goes against the tide of the existing center or shift-culture.  You might be concerned that others will not like or appreciate your actions.  You may even be afraid.  We challenge you to overcome your fears and engage in your workplace.  If your fear is driven from breaking rules, ask for permission before you do something you are unsure about.  If you are bored, engage and invest.  Kindness costs nothing and helpfulness is invaluable.  Who knows, you may even be the start of a new trend or improve existing culture.

Over the next several weeks, we will be exploring development options.  We will share some practical things you can do to self-develop, some free and low-cost ways to receive training, share with you some scholarship opportunities that may cover training costs and talk about ways YOU can become the source of development for your peers.   Finally, we will identify professional training courses and credentials that you may or may not know about.  We will look at offerings from professional organizations, including APCO’s Registered Public Leader (RPL) and Certified Public Executive (CPE) and NENA’s Emergency Number Professional (ENP) and Center Manager Certification Program (CMCP).

The point of these posts is to serve you and help you on your journey.  Do you know what would make them even better?  YOU!  See that little box right down there that says “Leave a Reply”?  Please leave your feedback, comments, suggestions, questions, etc. and we will do our best to incorporate your ideas and suggestions into a future post.

Check back next week when we will talk about “Driving Your Own Bus”!

Until next time, look for joy in your journey so that it can find you!

Content Contributed by AZ APCO-NENA Executive Board Member Kimberly Clark, ENP “The 911 Maven”

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