NENA PSAP Registry

I want to make sure you are all aware of NENA’s Enhanced PSAP Registry. 

The registry is a database of all US PSAPs.  It can be used to look up PSAPs and contact info throughout the US.  You can also type an address or lat/long, and it will provide the info on the PSAP that covers that area. 

Imagine a scenario where a college student in New York calls mom to say she isn’t well and has been sick for days.  Mom hears a huge thud and then there is no further conversation with the child in New York.  Mom hangs up and calls 911.  It rings into your PSAP because mom lives in your jurisdiction.  She is able to provide her child’s address in New York, but you have no idea where that is at or how to find the correct PSAP.  If all of your call-takers/dispatchers have credentials to use the Enhanced PSAP Registry, they can type the address into the search feature in the database to get the 10-digit number for the PSAP that covers that area.  Bada bing, bada boom.  The caller is connected with the correct PSAP!

If you would like to get all of your users signed up for an account, please email  Attach a spreadsheet with the name, title, agency, email address, and phone number. 

Once you have an account, you are also able to update the information for your PSAP if it is outdated.  

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