Scholarship Opportunities

“9-1-1 Gives Back Scholarship”

Welcome to the Arizona APCO/NENA “9-1-1 Gives Back Scholarship” initiative, dedicated to supporting the future of Arizona’s high school seniors as they embark on their educational journeys. This scholarship, with a value of $500, aims to recognize and assist individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to their community and aspire to make a positive impact in the future.

Open to all Arizona high school seniors. Applicants must have been accepted to a post-secondary higher education institution, junior college, university, trade school, or be pursuing a professional certification.

Application Requirements:
To be considered for the scholarship, applicants are required to:

  • Complete the application. [Download]
  • Submit a two-page paper addressing the following:

Future goals. How this opportunity will impact their future.
Share a personal experience of giving back to or positively impacting their community.

Applications must be submitted by April 1, 2024.

We believe in investing in the next generation of leaders, and the “9-1-1 Gives Back Scholarship” is our way of supporting the educational endeavors of those who share our commitment to community service and excellence.

For inquiries, contact Please feel free to forward this information to your colleagues as well.


The AZ APCO/NENA Scholarship Fund was created to provide an opportunity for Arizona Public Safety Communications Professionals to attend industry events and training. The Scholarship Fund is primarily funded through the Arizona APCO/NENA Scholarship Golf Tournament, raffle prize drawings held at the Annual State Training Conference, General Meeting/picnic and other fundraising events held throughout the year.

Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?
Any active full member of either APCO or NENA with voting privileges or listed members of either APCO or NENA group agencies that is currently employed by a public safety agency is eligible to apply for a scholarship, including 9-1-1 operators, call takers, dispatchers, trainers, supervisors, managers, and administrators. Additionally, the applicant must maintain membership in either APCO or NENA throughout the year of the scholarship request.

What types of activities are funded?
Activities that may be funded include, but are not limited to:
9-1-1 Industry Training, Emergency Number Professional (ENP) Exam Fees, ENP Recertification Fees, APCO Registered Public Leader (RPL) Certification Fees, APCO Course Registration Fees, NENA Course Registration Fees, APCO Conference Attendance Fees, NENA Conference Attendance Fees, Arizona State Training Conference registration, etc.

What is the application process?
Interested members should complete the Scholarship Fund Application form located below. Applications should be completed and received by the Arizona APCO/NENA Chapter at least 60 days in advance of the activity that is being requested in order to assure adequate time for discussion and voting by the Chapter Executive Board, and to allow time to process payments for those awarded scholarships. A letter of support from the applicant’s supervisor/agency is also required, and will be requested via email after the application has been received.

Additional Requirements/Information
Scholarships are awarded only if funding set aside for scholarships is available.
Applications are reviewed as they are received at the next regularly scheduled Executive Board meeting.
The maximum amount of funding for any one individual per year is $1500.00 – which can be used towards registration, hotel and/or transportation. Any amount not funded by the Executive Board through the scholarship process is the responsibility of either the applicant or the applicant’s agency.
Recipients may be asked to deliver a brief presentation about their training during an Arizona APCO/NENA quarterly general membership meeting.
Recipients of the scholarship fund may be featured on the Arizona APCO/NENA Chapter website or other Arizona APCO/NENA Chapter publications.
If an applicant is granted scholarship funds for exam, certification, or course registration fees, and the applicant fails to complete the exam, certification, or course satisfactorily, the applicant may be required to reimburse the Arizona APCO/NENA Chapter.

Application for Arizona APCO/NENA Scholarship

Please specify which organization. EX: 123456 – APCO, or 12345678 – NENA
Please specify the training, conference, certification, or activity that you wish to use awarded scholarship funds toward.
Please list the city and state where this event will be taking place. If virtual or online, use ‘VIRTUAL’ as the response to this field.
If the activity/training/certification occurs over multiple days, please use the start date in this field.