Meet Your Candidates

Declaration of Candidacy – 2nd Vice President William Coronado

Dear Members of the Arizona APCO/NENA Chapter,

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Second Vice President of our esteemed organization. I am uniquely positioned to lead our chapter to new heights with over 15 years of experience in the emergency communications industry, including eight years as a front-line law enforcement communications supervisor. Having served as Member at Large for Media Relations since January 2023, I am inspired by our tremendous progress and the countless opportunities that lie ahead. My platform centers around three key pillars: boosting membership, championing first responder recognition by the State, and improving membership involvement in chapter business.

Boosting Membership: Our organization’s strength lies in our numbers. To ensure our chapter’s continued growth and vitality, I am committed to implementing strategies that will attract and retain members. Through my experience with social media campaigns like “Spotlight Tuesdays” and “Motivational Mondays,” I’ve witnessed the power of effective online engagement. As Second Vice President, I will expand these initiatives and explore new avenues to connect with potential members, keeping our community vibrant and diverse.

Championing First Responder Recognition: Our dedicated first responders are the backbone of our community’s safety. With my extensive background in law enforcement communications, I am uniquely qualified to advocate tirelessly for the recognition they deserve from the State of Arizona. By collaborating with our partners, we can work together to ensure that the voices of our telecommunicators are heard and acknowledged. Their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment deserve the utmost recognition.

Improving Membership Involvement: It’s crucial that every member feels heard and valued in our organization. I will strive to enhance membership involvement in chapter business by fostering open communication, hosting regular town hall meetings, and encouraging active participation in our decision-making processes. Our chapter’s success depends on the collective effort of our members, and I am committed to creating an inclusive environment where all voices are welcomed.

In my current role, I’ve led efforts to transition our email systems to Google Suite, streamlining our organizational processes. I’ve also created a centralized information hub for our members via Link-tree, providing a one-stop location for up-to-date information on important events, chapter social media handles, and essential contact info. Additionally, I introduced unique business cards for all board members, promoting our chapter’s social media platforms and enhancing our professional image. To further bolster our media presence, I established the first “media relations team,” which assists my position with various projects assigned by the board. Currently, we are in the midst of a comprehensive overhaul of our Chapter’s website, ensuring that it reflects our organization’s dedication to progress and modernization.

With my extensive professional experience and dedication to our chapter, I believe we can achieve great things for the Arizona APCO/NENA. With your support and trust, I am ready to take on the responsibilities of Second Vice President, working diligently to make our chapter more robust and more vibrant than ever.

Thank you for considering me as your candidate, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and our entire membership. Let’s work hand in hand to bring about positive change and growth in our organization.


William “Billy” Coronado

Declaration of Candidacy – APCO Exec. Council Rep Brittany Brunet

“I am thrilled to be running for the APCO/NENA Executive Council Representative Board position. With over 27 years of experience in the 911 industry, I have gained invaluable insights and expertise. My journey began as a 911 dispatcher with the Arizona Department of Public Safety, where I honed my skills in emergency communication. Through hard work and dedication, I progressed to the roles of 911 Supervisor and eventually 911 Communications Bureau Manager with the Peoria Police Department for the past five years. Along the way, I have actively participated in various committees, allowing me to contribute significantly to the development and improvement of emergency response systems. Notably, I served as the chair for the MAG 911 PSAP Managers and played a crucial role in the 911 Study Committee for the past year. These experiences have given me a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and decisions faced within our region. With my extensive knowledge and passion for the 911 industry, I am confident in my ability to represent and advocate for the interests of the Arizona APCO/NENA community.”

2024 Election Information

For the 2024 calendar year, the positions of Second Vice-President, and APCO Executive Council Representative will be open for balloting.

  • The Second Vice President position requires a 4 year commitment, as this position will automatically ascend to the role of Vice President, President and Past President.
  • The remaining positions require a three year commitment.

The eligible candidate must be a current member in good standing of APCO or NENA. They should have a clear understanding of the Conduct of Elections. Special attention should be paid to Appendix I (Desirable Attributes) & Appendix II (Time Commitment).

Candidates will be required to supply an original signed copy of Appendix IV (Employer’s Concurrence) prior to the commencement of voting. Email completed Employers Concurrence Form to elections@azapconena.org.

Appendix IV Employers Concurrence Form 

Declaration of candidacy is now Closed.

Voting Update: In accordance with Chapter Bylaws, due to both candidates running unopposed, there will be NO GENERAL ELECTION, both candidates will be sworn into office at the Winter General Membership Meeting. 

Election winners will be sworn in at the December General Meeting on 12/08/2023